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Brace for a Surprise: 2024’s Economy Takes a Twist, Impacting Your Nest Egg


Economic forecast for 2024 calls for a ‘deferred landing.’ Here’s what that means for your investments


Despite avoiding a recession in 2023, high inflation persists, potentially leading to an extended period of economic adjustment known as a “deferred landing.”

The Federal Reserve remains committed to reducing inflation, but economists expect that this process will take longer than initially anticipated.

This means that inflation may stay higher than the Fed’s target of 2% for some time.

It’s crucial for consumers to understand their personal inflation rate, which reflects the price changes they experience in their regular purchases.

If their spending patterns heavily favor products or services with high inflation, the impact on their budgets will be more significant.

Experts advise investors not to alter their long-term strategies despite the evolving inflation outlook.

A balanced and well-diversified portfolio remains the key to weathering economic fluctuations.

Higher interest rates may continue for an extended period, benefiting individuals reliant on their portfolios for income.

However, it’s essential to note that inflation hedging isn’t the sole risk to consider; investors should also be mindful of other potential risks.

In summary, the fight against inflation is ongoing and may take longer than expected.

Consumers should monitor their personal inflation rates, and investors should stay the course with their long-term financial plans.

A balanced and well-diversified portfolio remains the best approach to navigating these economic challenges.

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    “A recession that was in the forecast for 2023 never came to fruition.”

    “Vanguard no longer has a recession as a baseline for 2024, according to its latest forecast, though it projects a soft landing could still happen.”


    “Efforts to bring high inflation back to normal may take longer.”

    “But inflation may remain higher than the central bank’s 2% target for some time, which means the economy instead may be headed for a “deferred landing””

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