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Black Homeownership Gap: Segregation’s Shadow Uncovered


Black Americans still face ‘disproportionately steep hurdles’ to homeownership, expert says


Despite the housing boom, homeownership remains elusive for many Black Americans.

While they make up 15% of the population in the largest U.S. cities, they only own about 10% of homes.

This gap has persisted over the past year.

Experts attribute the low homeownership rate among Black Americans to several factors: lower incomes, limited intergenerational wealth, and tax laws that favor wealthier homeowners.

Affordable housing programs exist in some areas but are not widely accessible.

Despite the challenges, experts emphasize the need to address this inequality as it will not resolve itself quickly.

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    “The data indicates that Black folks are probably going to face disproportionately steep hurdles that stand in the way of them becoming homeowners”

    “It’s not going to disappear overnight”


    “Homeownership is out of reach for many Americans — especially for Black Americans.”

    “In the country’s largest metropolitan areas, Black people own a disproportionately small share of homes relative to population size”

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