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Bitcoin and Ether Plummet as Crypto Rally Hits a Roadblock


Robinhood Stock Surges on Crypto Recovery Shares of Robinhood climbed significantly today, fueled by a resurgence in cryptocurrency.

With analysts predicting a potential rally of over 70% due to the crypto comeback, investors have taken note.

Gemini and Genesis Face SEC Lawsuit A federal judge has allowed the SEC’s lawsuit against Gemini and Genesis to proceed.

The SEC alleges that both companies offered unregistered securities through their Gemini Earn platform.

US Treasury Investigates Hamas’ Crypto Use The US Treasury Department is investigating whether Hamas used cryptocurrency to finance its attack on Israel last October.

The Treasury believes that $165 million in crypto transactions may have been involved.

Meme Token Value Tied to Network Franklin Templeton has found a strong relationship between the value of meme tokens and the networks they operate on.

Solana-based Bon token surged when the network’s active users grew.

Ethereum’s Deon Upgrade Brings Scalability Ethereum’s Deon upgrade introduces significant scalability improvements by creating dedicated space on the network for data from Layer 2 rollups, reducing transaction fees.

Bitcoin Halving Event Impacts Miners The upcoming Bitcoin Halving event will reduce the reward for miners by half, potentially forcing some less profitable operations to close.

Miners with higher energy costs are especially vulnerable.

However, the recent rise in Bitcoin prices has helped boost miner profitability.

Mining Consolidation Expected Analysts expect consolidation among Bitcoin miners following the halving event.

Miners with greater resources and lower energy costs are likely to acquire equipment from less profitable operations, increasing their share of the network hashrate.

  • Key Takeaways


Crypto’s Upswing Benefits Robinhood.

The escalating worth of cryptocurrency has had a positive influence on Robinhood’s stock, which has increased as a result.


Regulators Examine Crypto’s Role in Hamas’ Operations.

The United States Treasury is looking into cryptocurrency’s potential use for financing the violence as part of its wider effort to curb rogue use.


The Network Underpins the Value of Meme Tokens.

According to research by Franklin Templeton, the success of meme tokens is closely correlated to the vitality of the underlying blockchain ecosystems.

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