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Billionaire Investor Slams Biden’s Economy, Blames Fed for Soaring Prices


Stanley Druckenmiller gives Biden’s economic policies an ‘F,’ blames the Fed for reigniting inflation


Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller has sharply criticized the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve for causing high inflation, which he believes is hurting average Americans and harming President Biden’s chances of reelection.

Druckenmiller has labeled the government’s economic policies as “Bidenomics” and given them a failing grade.

He argues that excessive government spending and loose monetary policies from the Federal Reserve have fueled inflation to unacceptable levels.

According to Druckenmiller, the Fed’s initial optimism about bringing inflation under control was misplaced, and their pivot to suggest potential interest rate cuts exacerbated the situation.

He believes the Fed has now lost credibility.

Druckenmiller also criticizes Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for her continued high spending, which he believes is contributing to the inflation problem.

He worries that government spending and rising interest rates will stifle innovation and economic growth.

While he acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic began under the Trump administration, Druckenmiller believes that the current inflation situation is largely the result of the Biden administration’s economic policies.

However, he also expresses concerns about potential inflationary pressures under a Trump presidency.

Druckenmiller identifies himself as a centrist with free-market views, but he is critical of Trump’s policies, including his support for trade tariffs and his heavy criticism of the Federal Reserve.

He states that he does not have a candidate to support in the upcoming November election.

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    “The Fed at that point only upped its unofficial forecast from two to three cuts.”


    “Reckless government spending enabled by the Federal Reserve is hurting average Americans and endangering President Joe Biden’s chances at getting reelected, billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller said Tuesday.”

    “However, investors interpreted comments from Powell in December to mean that a substantial policy easing was ahead.”

    “But I also fear regulation and everything else preventing productivity.”

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