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Biden’s Age Ain’t No Jive: Experts Spill on Rocking the 80s Work Life!


As Biden faces questions about his age, researchers weigh in on working in your 80s


Despite concerns about President Biden’s age, experts emphasize that his age is more typical of today’s population.

Older workers are becoming increasingly common, and Congress is currently experiencing one of its oldest sessions in history.

While Biden may experience some minor memory lapses, these are typical and do not indicate cognitive decline.

Aging brains may experience a slower reaction time or difficulty remembering specific names or dates, but overall cognitive function remains strong.

Ageism, or discrimination based on age, may contribute to the exaggerated concerns over Biden’s age, while research suggests older workers can excel in certain areas, such as experience, wisdom, and problem-solving.

Additionally, age is a poor indicator of work performance.

  • Overall sentiment: positive
  • Positive

    “Workers 75 and older are the fastest-growing age group in the labor market.”

    “The 118th Congress, meanwhile, is one of the oldest in history.”


    “Almost two-thirds, 62%, of voters say they have major concerns that Biden does not have the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term, according to a national NBC News poll conducted in January.”

    “The most recent blow Biden faced over his age came from the Feb. 8 special counsel’s report about his handling of classified documents.”

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