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Biden Unveils Revolutionary Plan: College for All, Tuition-Free!


Biden proposes expanding free community college across the U.S.


President Biden has proposed a comprehensive plan to revolutionize higher education in the United States, particularly focusing on reducing costs and expanding access.

At the core of the plan is a proposal to make community college free for all students across the country.

This would be achieved through a partnership between the federal government and states.

Students from families earning under $125,000 would also be eligible for two years of subsidized tuition at certain institutions, including historically Black colleges and universities and tribally controlled colleges.

To further reduce the financial burden on students, Biden proposes increasing the maximum Pell Grant amount by $750 to $8,145.

This program provides grants to low-income undergraduate students.

The plan also calls for eliminating origination fees on federal student loans, which add unnecessary expenses for students.

Additionally, the plan includes a $12 billion “Reducing the Costs of College Fund.”

This fund would provide matching grants to states to offer at least 12 free postsecondary credits to students in career-connected programs.

Biden’s budget also includes additional funding for the Department of Education, recognizing the importance of education in shaping the future of the nation.

Despite the challenges in passing such proposals in the politically divided Congress, Biden’s plan demonstrates his commitment to making higher education more affordable and accessible for all Americans.

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    “President Joe Biden has proposed expanding free community college across the U.S., and other initiatives to lower higher education costs.”

    “We fully support the administration’s commitment to increasing the Pell Grant”


    “The plans, announced Monday as part of Biden’s $7.3 trillion budget for fiscal 2025, face slim chances of becoming law this year with Republicans in control of the House.”

    “[An origination fee] not only reduces the amount of loan funds applied to their college bill, but it also adds expense and confusion to the process”

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