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Biden student loan forgiveness plan: Administration reveals who may qualify


The Biden administration has unveiled a proposal for its student loan forgiveness plan.

This plan focuses on providing relief to struggling borrowers.

Factors considered for hardship include: * Pell Grant recipients * People with disabilities * Senior citizens The administration aims to narrow the relief to certain groups, including those with balances exceeding their initial loan amount and students from schools with questionable quality.

The Education Department has also outlined additional factors that could qualify as financial hardship, such as: * High student loan balances relative to income * Expenses for child care and healthcare * Other debt obligations While the “financial hardship” category was previously considered for elimination, the administration now plans to hold an additional rulemaking session to focus on financially distressed borrowers.

This change was likely influenced by concerns from lawmakers, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative James Clyburn.

The administration’s plan is part of President Biden’s overall goal of providing relief to as many student loan borrowers as possible.

The Education Department will continue to refine the plan and determine who will be eligible for the revised relief program.

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    ““The ideas we are outlining today will allow us to help struggling borrowers who are experiencing hardships in their lives, and they are part of President Biden’s overall plan to give breathing room to as many student loan borrowers as possible”

    “But the Education Department did not include language on borrowers in hardship in its relief proposal, and the negotiators didn’t get to vote on the category.”


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