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Affirmative Action Axe Falls: College Dreams Shattered!


How the Supreme Court affirmative action decision is affecting college applicants. ‘The barriers are already so high,’ one legal expert says


The college admissions process is tumultuous, particularly for students of color.

The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action has triggered changes in college admissions policies, causing schools to rethink their approach to diversity and financial aid.

Despite this, college applications have increased, with more underrepresented minority applicants.

Colleges are also seeing more first-generation applicants and international students.

But, maintaining racial and ethnic diversity remains challenging, with the elimination of affirmative action impacting the enrollment of underrepresented groups.

Financial aid is also delayed, adding pressure to high school seniors during the college decision process.

The student loan crisis is another obstacle, especially for Black households.

Higher education costs have outpaced living expenses, leading to increased debt.

Colleges are innovating and collaborating to create solutions in a limited environment.

There is hope that this challenge will encourage diverse student audiences to pursue higher education with some sort of alternate assistance.

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    “More students are applying overall, and a larger share of applicants identified as an underrepresented minority.”

    “These changes may be explained, in part, by an effort on behalf of colleges to enhance their recruitment efforts and financial aid awards, according to Bryan Cook, director of higher education policy at the Urban Institute.”


    “As schools are forced to rethink their policies in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action, it’s not an easy time to be a college applicant, especially for students of color.”

    “The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action was considered a massive blow to decades-old efforts to boost enrollment of minorities at American universities through policies that accounted for applicants’ race.”

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